MPower Resistance Recess

Join up with your fellow Resistance Recess members and demand accountability from your Congressional Representatives. This is an opportunity to get our elected officials to take a public stance on issues like the Muslim Ban, voter rights, and healthcare—and to hold them accountable for it.

While many of our allies—like MoveOn1 and Indivisible2—are working towards the same goals, it’s critical to raise our voices as Muslims in the Resistance!

Key principle to keep in mind

The goal of meeting our elected officials is to get them to take a public stance consistent with their constituents on issues like the Muslim Ban, the anti-BDS bill, DACA, Net Neutrality, voter rights & healthcare. We will be respectful in stating our position, but pressure officials to give clear answers. 

5 steps to prepare for a townhall meeting

  1. Recruityour family, neighbors, & community members to join you in a meeting.
  2. Find a meeting in your district: Check out The TownHallProjectMoveOn Resistance Recess
  3. Ask clear and prepared questions:members of your group should also support and applause to indicate feelings are shared in the crowd.


Download MPower’s Question Guide


  1. Capture the questions and responses on social media:pictures, video, Facebook Live streams* using the #ResistanceRecess & #MyMuslimVote hashtags. Have multiple group members prepared to take pictures and record.
  2. Follow up with the elected officals:schedule a meeting and bring your group to your elected officials’ offices for followup!

Finally, let us know how it went! Drop us a line at

*If you have experience using Facebook Live and want to livestream your event, drop us a note and you can broadcast it from the MPower Change Facebook page!



Ishraq Ali
Ishraq Ali

Community Organizing Director

Ishraq Ali is a community organizer trained in faith based and grassroots advocacy models. He started out as a student leader with MAS Boston, and was formally trained as a congregation organizer with the Industrial Areas Foundation in Chicago. He returned to NY and organized low income neighborhoods with New York Communities for Change. He looks to apply the Prophetic example in building power and win campaigns as Organizing Director of MPower Change.